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Maths / Dyscalculia Resources

Dyscalculia: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Dyscalculia in Children and How to Help a Dysca...


It Just Doesn’t Add Up: Explaining Dyscalculia and Overcoming Number Problems for Children and...


Math Workbook For Kids With Dyscalculia


Dyscalculia Pocketbook 2015 (Teachers’ Pocketbooks)


The Dyscalculia Resource Book: Games and Puzzles for ages 7 to 14


Maths Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia: Second Edition (Dyslexia Essentials)


Can I Tell You About Dyscalculia?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals


The Dyscalculia Toolkit: Supporting Learning Difficulties in Maths (Corwin Ltd)


All About Dyscalculia: A Practical Guide for Primary Teachers (All About SEND)


Numicon Pupil Book 3 (Numicon Teaching Programme) Paperback


Numicon: Number, Pattern and Calculating 3 Explorer Progress Books ABC (Mixed pack) Paperback – 1 ...


Numicon: Dice


Numicon: Bag of Numicon Shapes 1-10


Rummikub Classic game: Brings people together | Family Strategy Games | For 2-4 Players | Ages 7+


Lelin Wooden Toy 144 Colourful Board Montessori Math with 1 to 12 Times Table Tray with Answers, Mat...

Kippson Times Tables Flash Cards with Memory Cues


Power of 2: The One to One Coaching System for Maths Success


Plus 1: The Introductory Coaching System for Maths Success

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